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TIGTA Presents Semiannual Report to Congress

TIGTA Presents Semiannual Report to Congress

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has released its semiannual report to Congress, highlighting its audits, investigations, inspections and evaluations. The report includes challenges faced with the IRS impersonation scam with more than 14,700 taxpayers losing upwards of $72.8 million to the scam’s perpetrators. In a particular case, 15 individuals in connections with overseas call centers were indicted.

The report also highlights efforts made to increase resources for protection of taxpayer data. An audit by TIGTA to evaluate IRS controls designed to authenticate requests received from individual tax preparers who have access to taxpayer information in the course of representing their clients was undertaken. The IRS’s efforts into implementing and enforcing data protection measures of private contractors participating in its Private Debt Collection Program was also analyzed. Finally, the report highlighted the IRS’s ongoing efforts to detect and prevent business identity theft.


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